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The Mad King – Jovee Winters

A mess. That’s what this is. One giant, enormous, never-before-heard-of quandary. And the worst of it is, it’s all my fault. Look, I have to be bold. Brave. Fearless. All the things I’ve never been to fix this kettle of fish we now find ourselves in, but the truth is I’m not sure how to […]

The Ice Queen – Jovee Winters

“Come in, Goblin.” The rusted, and ancient sounding voice of the forest witch, Baba Yaga, bade him enter. Wrapping the hunter green cloak tighter around his body, he stepped through the door of a house unlike any other in all of creation. A rickety, dilapidated structure of wood with a pointed roof, a chimney poking […]

The Centaur Queen – Jovee Winters

Petra and I were tossed violently from the games, as though a large and powerful hand had suddenly yanked us away. Dizzy and disoriented, I frowned as I gazed at the red clay beneath my palms. How had I gotten here? One moment I’d been inside the games, and the next I was here, wherever […]

The Fire Queen – Jovee Winters

Burn. I watched it all burn. What had once been a thriving habitat full of chirping insects and cawing birds was now nothing more than a barren wasteland of char and destruction. Always the villain. That’s what I was. When fire destroyed the lands of the above, I was spoken of in such ugly, vile […]

The War King – Jovee Winters

My heart raced. Darkness squeezed at the corners of my consciousness. Flirting with me, a dark secret rested just on the periphery of my mind. Something dreadful had just happened. My mouth tasted of cotton, and my head… primordial gods in the above and below, it pounded like it was made of concrete. My skin […]

The Stone Queen – Jovee Winters

I was born. And I remembered this birth, for it was so lovely. I went from darkness into the light, and I was surrounded by faces that I knew loved me. My sisters. My mother. I would have a good life. I just knew it. I grew up in a tiny village surrounded by people […]

The Sea Queen – Jovee Winters

I stirred from my slumber the moment the first body floated toward me. Cocking my head, I stared at the face, lined and weathered by years spent under the sun. The woman was slight, appearing almost childlike with her small, slender legs and arms. Silvery hair undulated like a forest of sea kelp behind her. […]

The Bewitching Queen – Jovee Winters

My music pierced through the veil of time. I’d found him. He was here. I stepped through the portal, staring at a world I did not know, wondering if maybe I’d found myself in a time loop just as Ewan and Red had. But it felt… different. The air, the scenery, hell, even the animals. […]

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