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The Black Lyon – Jude Deveraux

Lyonene could hear Lucy’s heavy step on the stone stairs and snuggled deeper beneath the thick coverlet. The January winds whistled outside the old donjon, threads of cold air cutting under the wooden shutters, but her bed was warm and she planned to put off leaving it as long as possible. “Lady Lyonene.” Lucy pulled […]

Lost Lady – Jude Deveraux

WESTON MANOR SAT SERENELY AND QUIETLY IN THE MIDST of two acres of garden. It was a small house, unpretentious, looking like what it was—an English gentleman’s lodging in 1797. Only the keenest observer would notice that two of the gutters had fallen somewhat or that a corner of one of the chimneys was broken […]

A Justified Murder – Jude Deveraux

DORA FOUND THE BODY—and all she felt was annoyance. Now she’d have to find someone else to clean for to fill out the week. Mrs. Beeson—as she insisted on being called even though there was no evidence that she’d ever had a husband—had been a good employer. She always left a hundreddollar bill, always said […]

A Forgotten Murder – Jude Deveraux

Puck didn’t expect to find a body. She certainly hadn’t been looking for the skeleton of a man no one seemed to remember. How she had mourned him when he disappeared. Her mother told her to stop sniveling, that at fourteen she had no idea what love was. But she did know! Now, so many […]

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