Tag: Julie Anne Long

Lady Derring Takes a Lover – Julie Anne Long

Lady Derring had been raised to believe breeding and manners were a bulwark against all of life’s vicissitudes. So as she peered through her black veil at her husband’s solicitor, her spine was straight, her chin was high, and her brow was as smooth as the curve of the Chinese porcelain urn she’d wrested from […]

Angel in a Devil’s Arms – Julie Anne Long

Mrs. Angelique Breedlove stared at the little token—a sort of half unicorn, half lion—nestled in the man’s palm. The firelight nicked a glint off the signet ring gleaming around one of his long fingers. The kind of fingers poets and musicians are said to possess. And excellent lovers. Also, probably stranglers and pickpockets. For God’s […]

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