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Sinful Scot – Julie Johnstone, Cecelia Mecca

The king is dead. It was nae an accident. Yet, they want people to believe it was. The three thoughts pounded through Shona’s head faster than the pouring rain that was drenching her. Her footfalls thudded against the hard ground, frozen by the unforgiving wintery storm, and her feet slipped on the slick fallen leaves […]

Sexy Scot – Cecelia Mecca, Julie Johnstone

“HOLY FUCK.” Greyson and his brothers dropped the silver cross at the same time, the plush Persian rug in their father’s study capturing its fall. Staring at it, and then each other, none of them spoke, all of them acutely aware of the empty space where their brother Rhys had been standing moments before. Even […]

Seductive Scot – Julie Johnstone, Cecelia Mecca

The Scottish Court was full of snakes disguised in fine silk gowns and plaids. Lady Deirdre Irvine opened the door to Queen Dowager Yolande’s solar, and a hush fell, calculating gazes turning her way. Her spine stiffened with realization: she was the mouse the serpents intended to feast upon tonight. Pushing her shoulders back, she […]

Scandalous Scot – Julie Johnstone, Cecelia Mecca

AND JUST LİKE THAT, Reik was gone too, leaving Ian alone in the cavernous house. How many times had Ian looked around the Quarter and said to himself, I’ve seen stranger shit than that? Having grown up in a place with a history of accepting the unwanted, the “freaks” of society . . . Ian […]

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