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Knight Moves – Julie Moffett

It’s not like I woke up on a Monday morning expecting to become a spy, but that’s exactly what happened. It’s not the kind of thing a normal, almost sixteen-year-old girl expects to happen on a regular school day in early October. I guess that’s the problem. I’m not exactly normal. My name is Angel […]

No Questions Asked – Julie Moffett

There’s been a long-running debate in Geekdom as to the geekiest president of the United States. Is it Abraham Lincoln, known for his tall, gangly appearance and awkward social skills, yet possessing a brilliant mind and the ability to sway people to his point of view? Or perhaps John Quincy Adams, whose legal theories and […]

No Stone Unturned – Julie Moffett

Lexi If my mom texted me a picture of my own engagement ring one more time, I was going to lose it. Apparently she was trying to send them to her best friend, Candi Schmidt, but Mom and her new phone were still coming to an understanding, so she’d texted me the same picture seven […]

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