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The Emerald Lily – Juliette Cross

Long, long ago, there lived a king and queen who were deeply in love. Out of their infinite joy, they bore a daughter—lovely and fair. Unfortunately, the birth was too much for the queen’s frail body, and she died. Though in mourning, the sad king still invited royalty and gentry from all over the empire […]

Dragon Heartstring – Juliette Cross

I fidgeted, tapping my thumb against my pant leg while watching the numbers on the elevator panel. I exhaled a lungful of air. Adrenaline amped up my heartrate the closer I came to the first floor. For Morgons, that was at the top. The doors opened, and I stepped out onto the marble foyer of […]

The White Lily – Juliette Cross

“How can you know he’s telling the truth?” Brennalyn crossed her arms, frowning at the discovery her friend’s lover wasn’t the wealth of information she’d hoped for. Sylvia unclipped a clothespin from the line and peered from behind the white linen, a blush painting her cheeks as she whispered, “Because when he kicks his knickers […]

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