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The Society – K.A. Linde

Darkness. Eternal darkness. Malysa was trapped. Trapped forever in this place, under this rock. Her world for so long had been nothing but this hell. A world only large enough to shift from side to side. No more than a foot of breathing room. Nothing at all but her own mind and the shadows. Others […]

The Consort – K.A. Linde

“Lysa, don’t!” Benetta cried, reaching for the giant circular diamond in her sister’s hand. “I’m just looking at it,” Malysa said. Benetta rolled her bright blue eyes to the ceiling. Malysa was never entirely innocent about anything she was doing. “Father said that we were not supposed to touch that. Can’t we go back to […]

The Bound – K.A. Linde

Jardana’s body hummed with victory. Ever since she had returned to her rooms to find a note addressed to her from Prince Kael in their secret code, she had known that tonight was the night. Everything would change between them. Their little dalliance behind the scenes had gone on long enough. It was time to […]

The Affiliate – K.A. Linde

“Let them in.” King Maltrier pulled in a shuddering breath and then coughed raggedly for a minute. “Your Majesty, are you sure?” his longtime servant asked. He had the same relentless attitude that he always had, but he sounded more earnest than ever, as if he could will the King not to die. “Get them, […]

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