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Closer – K.L. Slater

She knows it’s her. She knows this before they even pull her tiny body out of the oily black water. Dread squirms in her stomach and she wills herself not to vomit at the side of the quay. Not here. Not in front of all these people. Someone drapes a scratchy pale blue blanket around […]

Blink – K.L. Slater

You don’t know this, but I watch you. I watch you a lot. And when you spend a lot of time observing someone, you often wish you could give them advice, tell them where they’re going wrong. Unfortunately, you are the sort of person who always knows best. The kind of person that carries on […]

The Visitor – K.L. Slater

x rotary file system. It’s an original, a vintage model that I purchased from eBay for a considerable sum. Like my fountain pens and wax seals, it has that certain something that new technology simply lacks. Spreadsheets and databases can’t compare with the pungent permanence of real ink or the assurance of thick, textured paper […]

The Silent Ones – K.L. Slater

I offload the last armful of red and blue toddler painting smocks and push the empty delivery box away with my foot, sinking down on a nearby chair. ‘I thought we’d never get to the end of that lot.’ I stick out my bottom lip and blow air up onto my face, damp wisps of […]

Single – K.L. Slater

The day of the hearing, it was mid-July, scorching hot and I’d dressed in jeans and a thick cable-knit sweater with a roll neck. I stood, staring at the front door waiting for my social worker, Audrey. The house was silent, the boys’ rooms empty. Rivulets of sweat ran down my back, pooling at the […]

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