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The Queen’s Crown – K. M. Shea

Here’s the thing about grief and betrayal: you think you’re over it, or at the very least that you’re managing it, and it will slam into you all over again. I was sitting in my assigned seat at the massive table, attentively listening and fulfilling my role as the fae representative for the Regional Committee […]

Magic Forged – K. M. Shea

I crouched behind a rusty blue mail drop off box and held my breath. It wasn’t the most auspicious of hiding places, but it was closer to the smelly, dank alleyway I intended to hide in than any of my other cover options. I made a face at the rusty grit it smeared on my […]

Crown of Shadows – K. M. Shea

I was on my way out the door from my parents’ house on a humid spring day, eager to launch my long-cherished plan to become a Responsible Adult, when I glanced over at the horse pasture and saw it. A monster. It was a skeletal creature that was only vaguely horse-like. Even from this far […]

The Frog Prince – K. M. Shea

Lucien wondered if it was possible to die of boredom. If it was, surely he had to be at least halfway there. He propped his feet up on a footstool and stared at the ceiling as his teacher droned on and on like a worried sheep. “—after countering their forces in the magnificent battle for […]

Swan Lake – K. M. Shea

Odette missed her fingers the most. That was probably the worst part about not being human— the inability to grasp things and pick them up. But then, she really missed her legs, too, and her arms of course…so perhaps Odette just missed being human. Irritated, she dragged her orange beak through her white feathers as […]

Snow White – K. M. Shea

Snow White was born into a world of love and farewells. It was with much love that her mother—taking in her wisps of dark black hair, piercing blue eyes, and creamy white skin—named her Snow White. (Though sometimes Snow White still questioned her naming skills, as she had yet to meet another being named after […]

Sacrifice – K. M. Shea

The wind stung Farrin Graydim’s face and pushed some of his black-brown hair into his eyes, but he didn’t stir. His regiment—the First Regiment, or as it was fondly called by Tenebris, the Fighting First— glittered like a sea of metal behind him in neat, orderly rows. They stood silent as they faced the snow-covered […]

Royal Magic – K. M. Shea

Jubilee, the city of a thousand trees, was the crown jewel of Lessa. As the elf capital, it was much admired by mankind. Many stories filled with great longing were often told of it…and Gwendafyn was dying to leave it. “This afternoon you must inspect goods in the market and attend a lecture on grain […]

Heart of Ice – K. M. Shea

It had been two weeks since Rakel last saw another human (and a full month since she had spoken with anyone), so she thought it was forgivable that when she encountered Oskar, her “attendant,” in the great hall of her ice-castle, she was both surprised and irritated. She was surprised because any glimpse of anyone […]

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