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Yours Forever – K. T. Quinn

I straightened the banner in front of my table at the Columbus Small Business Expo and frowned. “Does this look crooked to you?” Lizzy, my best friend, glanced over. “It looks fine to me.” “I think it’s crooked. Nobody will invest in my company if I can’t even set my table up properly!” Lizzy came […]

First Down – K. T. Quinn

“Very good, Mr. Jennings,” I said to my eighty-year-old client in an approving tone. “Give me three more leg presses, great, now two…” I swept my gaze across the rest of the physical therapy room, taking in the other machines and other trainers helping their clients. The clock on the wall said five minutes to […]

Make You Mine – K. T. Quinn

I was a dead man, and there was nothing I could do about it. I braced as the next punch hit me in the gut. One Copperhead punk held my arms behind my back while his buddy pummeled me in the ribs. One, two, three smashed fists, the last one finally knocking the wind out […]

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