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Shatter the Earth – Karen Chance

Ismelled our destination before I saw it. The stench was as bad as a battlefield, all raw viscera, blood and excrement, but the sounds were worse. Far worse. I stopped at the bottom of a hill to pull the end of my headscarf over my nose. I was dressed as a Romanian peasant woman, because […]

Shadow’s Bane – Karen Chance

It was freezing. He knew that because he could see other peoples’ breath frost the air as they passed, a crowd of shapes that should have been nothing more than dark blurs, but instead were full of light and sound and . . . life. He could close his eyes and still see them, streaks […]

Dragon’s Claw – Karen Chance

“I left a hot guy and a warm bed for this?” I toed over the nearest corpse, which as expected was of the fanged variety. Not surprising; the Vampire Senate, the bastards who had dragged me out of bed at this infernal hour, could give a rat’s ass about anybody else. Mages, weres, humans—they could […]

Brave the Tempest – Karen Chance

The small pouf was a little overly excited. It was jade green velvet, and a bit worn in the center, where years of feet had left a permanent divot. But the gold silk tassels at the corners were still fat and sassy, and the little round feet were polished to a high shine. Not to […]

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