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Shatter the Earth – Karen Chance

Ismelled our destination before I saw it. The stench was as bad as a battlefield, all raw viscera, blood and excrement, but the sounds were worse. Far worse. I stopped at the bottom of a hill to pull the end of my headscarf over my nose. I was dressed as a Romanian peasant woman, because […]

Shadow’s Bane – Karen Chance

It was freezing. He knew that because he could see other peoples’ breath frost the air as they passed, a crowd of shapes that should have been nothing more than dark blurs, but instead were full of light and sound and . . . life. He could close his eyes and still see them, streaks […]

Dragon’s Claw – Karen Chance

“I left a hot guy and a warm bed for this?” I toed over the nearest corpse, which as expected was of the fanged variety. Not surprising; the Vampire Senate, the bastards who had dragged me out of bed at this infernal hour, could give a rat’s ass about anybody else. Mages, weres, humans—they could […]

Brave the Tempest – Karen Chance

The small pouf was a little overly excited. It was jade green velvet, and a bit worn in the center, where years of feet had left a permanent divot. But the gold silk tassels at the corners were still fat and sassy, and the little round feet were polished to a high shine. Not to […]

Updating Pritkin – Karen Chance

Dante’s, Vegas’ only magical casino, was no more magical than some of the shops it housed. Like the studio of the self-proclaimed world’s greatest designer, for instance, the flamboyant Augustine, who regularly puled out al the stops in an effort to part the supernatural community from its hard earned cash. Or not hard earned—Augustine wasn’t […]

The Queen’s Witch – Karen Chance

Light from inside the weather-beaten structure leaked out through the shutters, striping the plank of driftwood over the door in flickering bands of gold. There was no name on the sign, but most of the tavern’s clientele couldn’t read anyway. And the image it bore was really quite good enough. The corpse-green paint was starting […]

The House at Cobb End – Karen Chance

John had started out impressed. Not at the gilt edging on the book’s anƟque vellum pages or the hand carving on the heavy wood cover. But at the fact that, even though this was merely an estate agent’s manual, someone had lavished care into a spell that changed the usual lisƟngs into perfect three-dimensional representaƟons […]

The Gauntlet – Karen Chance

The sound of a key turning in the rusty old lock had everyone scurrying forward with hands outstretched, begging for food, for water, for life. Gillian didn’t go with them. Trussed up as she was, she could barely move. And there was no life that way. The burly jailer came in carrying a lantern, with […]

The Day of the Dead – Karen Chance

‘I’m looking for my brother,’ the girl repeated, for the third time. Her accent was terrible, New Jersey meets Mexico City, making her difficult to understand, but Tomas doubted that that was the problem. The largely male crowd in the small cantina weren’t interested in a gabawith a sob story, even one who was tall […]

Tempt the Stars – Karen Chance

“You gots big.” The small voice came from the even smaller girl in the doorway. She was hard to see, shimmering in the night like the moonbeams falling through her, and overwritten by the hazy, graffiti snarl of ghost trails weaving through the air. I felt some of the muscles in my neck unclench. And […]

Siren’s Song – Karen Chance

John woke up to a jumbled kaleidoscope of images, none of which made sense. There were strange shapes, jutting and angular, as if they’d been lifted from a cubist painting. There was a skewed perspective, as if said painting had been hung considerably of center. And then there was . . . well his malfunctioning […]

Shadowland – Karen Chance

John turned off a side street onto Las Vegas Boulevard, the early morning sun already hot enough to soak his singlet in a dark line down the front. He dragged the arm of his hoody over his face, ignoring glances from the few tourists sober enough to be up at this hour. Most of whom […]

Ride the Storm – Karen Chance

The cherries were dancing. They bounced around happily in front of my vision as I swam back to consciousness, plump and bright red and framed by rich green leaves. They covered almost everything in the old-fashioned bedroom, from the lamp on a nearby table, to the curtains at a tall, narrow window, to the washbasin […]

Reap the Wind – Karen Chance

Okay, this was going to be easy. That wasn’t something I said very often, because my life is a lot of things, but easy has never been one of them. My name is Cassie Palmer, and I used to be a down-on-my-luck clairvoyant who made ends meet by reading tarot in a bar. But then […]

Queen’s Gambit – Karen Chance

The one-hundred-eighty-degree sweep of floor to ceiling windows would normally have been a little odd for a ball room, but when you’ve got an uninterrupted view of the pyramids, you make sure that everyone knows it. And I had to admit, it was pretty spectacular. The sun was setting, giving the golden hued monuments a […]

Masks – Karen Chance

There were no dungeons in Venice, but they made do. Mircea sat against the freezing stone wall of a small storeroom, in the home of some condottiere who hadn’t bothered to introduce himself before turning half of Mircea’s face to mush. He had been able to feel the bones shifting under the skin for almost […]

Hunt the Moon – Karen Chance

I hit the ground running—or stumbling or falling; it was kind of hard to tell when it felt like the earth was crumbling under my feet. And then I realized that was because the earth was crumbling under my feet. “Craaaap!” I plummeted straight over a cliff and into thin air, arms waving and feet […]

Embrace the Night – Karen Chance

A weeping angel shattered in a crack of gray dust, sending its wings flying off in two directions. It took a second for me to realize I wasn’t dead, and then I dove for the side of a nearby obelisk. I pressed flat against the ground, feeling the mud seeping into my already drenched clothes, […]

Curse the Dawn – Karen Chance

Stalking a time traveler is hard work, even if you are one. Especially when said traveler totally has you made. “Can we talk?” I screamed as I dodged behind a column to avoid a spray of bullets. The woman hunting me through the cellar slung her flashlight beam in my direction. “Sure,” she said amiably. […]

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