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Under the Alaskan Ice – Karen Harper

“I’m getting really good walking in snowshoes, Mom!” Chip boasted as they plodded through the thick snow, heading toward the lake that gave the nearby town its name. His cheeks were already pink, and his freckles stood out. Their words made little white clouds. The crisp wind energized Meg, and their goggles and the massive […]

Falling Darkness – Karen Harper

After their airplane skidded over the water and sank, their two life rafts tied together seemed so small in the vast, dark sea. Claire held her four-year-old daughter, Lexi, close to keep her warm and calm, though she was neither of those things herself. The child had gone silent, no more screams or sobs. Claire’s […]

Drowning Tides – Karen Harper

“I’ll get her back, Claire. I swear to you, I’ll get your daughter back.” “We’ll get her back together,” she insisted, turning toward Nick as he drove the rental car across I75 to Miami where they would catch their plane. Thank God, Claire thought, Florida was narrow west to east, but the drive across the […]

Dark Storm – Karen Harper

Naples, Florida “I can’t believe you can get two seven-year-olds to work in your garden in this August heat,” Claire’s friend Kris Kane told her as they watched Claire’s daughter, Lexi, and her cousin Jilly pull weeds from around the flowers in the Markwood backyard. “It’s the butterflies they’re interested in. The brightly colored flowers […]

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