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My Highland Rogue – Karen Ranney

“I’ll be damned if I know why she did it, but the Countess of Burfield left you a bequest.” Gordon McDonnell turned from the window and stared at the man who’d just spoken. Richard McBain was the advocate for the Adaire family. For a number of years, he’d also served as the guardian for the […]

To Wed an Heiress – Karen Ranney

“It’s a monster!” Ruthie screamed. “One of those Scottish monsters, Miss Mercy, just like the stories we heard.” “It’s nothing of the sort, Ruthie,” Mercy Rutherford said, trying to calm herself and, by extension, her maid. Ruthie, however, was having none of it. She grabbed Mercy’s right arm with both hands and was practically atop […]

To Bed the Bride – Karen Ranney

“I won’t leave if you don’t want me to. If you’re afraid to stay here by yourself I can postpone my visit.” Eleanor Craig looked at her cousin, trying to tell if he was serious. Jeremy had never offered to do something unselfish. “I’m not afraid, Jeremy. Besides, there are twenty-five people here. I couldn’t […]

The Texan Duke – Karen Ranney

Connor McCraight was half tempted to stop the carriage, release one of the horses, and ride bareback to Bealadair. He’d rather be on horseback for twelve hours than just sitting here doing nothing. He refused to allow himself to consult his father’s watch tucked into the inner pocket of his vest. He didn’t want to […]

The English Duke – Karen Ranney

Martha York stared down at the letter her sister had just handed her. For months she’d been trying to satisfy her father’s bequest. He’d asked her to see that his work was given to the Duke of Roth. That’s all. Except it hadn’t been easy, had it? She’d been writing to the duke for nearly […]

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