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Wild Forces – Karen Renee

Growing up, I had a guilty habit. Okay, fine. I had two guilty habits, but jacking my beanstalk was not what I was referring to, though this habit definitely added fodder for that. I loved watching Melrose Place. The show predated me, but an aunt, or more likely a woman my dad dated on the […]

Harm’s Way – Karen Renee

IT WASN’T MY FIRST time sitting a poker table, and it wasn’t the first time I was the only woman at the table. Or the only woman in the room, for that matter. It wasn’t the first time I got greedy either, but it was the first time I risked my entire paycheck on an […]

Abrupt Changes – Karen Renee

As I stood in my mom’s farm-style kitchen, a chill slithered up my spine and I swung my head to the door when I heard a key scraping into the lock. It was lunchtime, and I was preparing a tomato sandwich for my seventy-one-year-old mother. As quietly as I could, I put the butter knife […]

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