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The Ultimatum – Karen Robards

It was a small, one-story house nestled all by its lonesome on the shore of Lake Michigan, some fifteen minutes outside the sleepy little town of Port Washington, Wisconsin. Turned silvery gray by natural weathering, its cedar shingle walls blended well with the towering line of shaggy hemlocks that all but hid it from the […]

One Summer – Karen Robards

Ever since that nightmarish dawn, Rachel Grant had not been able to abide the scent of summersweet. It was ironic that at this of all possible moments the smell seemed to be practically smothering her. She stood on the sweltering asphalt in front of the Greyhound bus station, waiting to welcome Johnny Harris home. Johnny […]

The Moscow Deception – Karen Robards

You never see the bullet that takes you down. Somebody Bianca St. Ives was pretty sure knew what he was talking about had once said that. It was the thought she couldn’t get out of her head. They were hunting her. Pulling out all the stops. Searching the globe. Along with what was arguably worse—searching […]

The Fifth Doctrine – Karen Robards

I am not a traitor. Like a neon warning sign, the words flashed through Lynette Holbrook’s increasingly chaotic thoughts in time to the accelerated beating of her heart. But then again, maybe she was. If she went through with this. Maybe she should stop, right now, before— “Finish up, people.” Jim Cillizza, her supervisor, stood […]

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