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Say No More – Karen Rose

She was going to die. Rhoda knew it was true. There was no way Brother DJ would take her back to Eden, and, even if he would, the result would be the same. She didn’t want to go back. Ever. She cursed the day she’d first climbed into the bed of this truck, all those […]

Into the Dark – Karen Rose

Run. Don’t look back. Just run. Michael Rowland clutched Joshua tighter and gritted his teeth against the sharp rocks and twigs digging into his feet. And he ran as fast as he could. Blinking away tears, he focused on reaching the end of the driveway, at the bottom of the big hill. Get to the […]

Say You’re Sorry – Karen Rose

Good. She was waking up. Took her long enough. He took a drag on his cigarette and blew the smoke into her face. A coughing fit ensued, and by the time she’d calmed down, her dark eyes were open and staring up at him. She was scared. This pleased him. He smiled down at her. […]

Edge of Darkness – Karen Rose

Cincinnati, Ohio, Friday 18 December, 11.15 P.M. Andy’s body jerked and his eyes flew open. His own shiver had woken him up. Cold. He was so damn cold. So move, dammit. Get your blood— His memory returned and with it, a mind-blowing panic. He couldn’t move. He was tied up. Someone had tied him up […]

Death is Not Enough – Karen Rose

Nineteen years earlier . . . Chevy Chase, Maryland, Sunday 10 January 10.30 P.M. ‘Sherri, give me the damn key.’ Rolling her eyes at her boyfriend’s growl, Sherri Douglas closed the driver’s-side door, locked up, and tossed the key to her old Ford Escort over its peeling roof. ‘There you go.’ Thomas’s scowl was interrupted […]

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