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Wager for a Wife – Karen Tuft

THE HONORABLE WİLLİAM BARLOW BECAME the fourth Viscount Farleigh in the usual way—with the death of the third viscount. That the deceased third viscount was William’s father was also usual in such situations. What was less than usual was the complete apathy William felt about both the title and his father’s death. Nonetheless, his life […]

The Gentleman’s Deception – Karen Tuft

THROUGH THE WİNDOW OF HER hackney carriage, Lavinia Fernley caught sight of the boisterous crowd that had gathered once again in front of London’s Orpheus Theatre. It was becoming a common occurrence these days: the curious onlookers, the young Corinthians and old roués who were her most ardent admirers, and the small congregation of people […]

The Earl’s Betrothal – Karen Tuft

THE ROOM WAS AS SİLENT as a tomb. Amelia Clarke handed the week’s menu to Lady Ashworth, who sat quietly in a chair, watching the Marquess of Ashworth sleep. “I hope this meets with your approval,” Amelia whispered. “I added a few dishes my father enjoyed when he was . . . unwell himself.” She’d […]

The Duke Meets His Match – Karen Tuft

IT WAS UTTERLY LAUGHABLE WHAT one did for one’s country and monarch at times, George Kendall, the Duke of Aylesham, thought as his traveling coach entered the village of Ashworthy in Oxfordshire. It was still morning, as George had begun his journey well before dawn—arising from his bed even before the cock had crowed and […]

Kit and Elizabeth – Karen Tuft

LADY ELİZABETH SPAULDİNG CLENCHED HER teeth and did everything she could not to let fear show on her face. Her father’s viselike grip on her forearms was going to leave bruises. “Listen carefully to me,” her father, the Duke of Marwood, hissed, his face mere inches from Elizabeth’s own. “You have one task, and one […]

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