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At Love’s Command – Karen Witemeyer

According to the Good Book, there was a time for war and a time for peace. Captain Matthew Hanger of the 7th Cavalry prayed this was a time for peace even as he fit his finger to the trigger of his Remington Army revolver and took aim at a Lakota Sioux warrior on the other […]

The Love Knot – Karen Witemeyer

Claire Nevin frowned at the cheerful white clouds frolicking across the blue sky and tried to close her ears against the melodies the birds insisted on singing in response to the deceptively fine morning. Ignorant creatures. Could they not sense that this day held no cause for celebration? Cause for trepidation, aye. The letter in […]

More Than Meets the Eye – Karen Witemeyer

“Don’t lose heart, children. We have several strong families lined up in Bonham. I’m sure we’ll find good homes for each of you.” Four-year-old Evangeline Pearson smiled at the sponsor from the Children’s Aid Society as the lady made her way down the train car aisle, bracing her hand for balance against one empty seat […]

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