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Honore and the Hangman – Kari Trumbo

Great piles of snow on the path forced Honore Carter’s huge workhorses to strain pulling her home. She hadn’t seen another man or beast in over three days. With shaking fingers she drove her team toward the only town she’d thought of as home since she’d come ashore years ago. Her past was waiting there […]

Reese and the Renegade – Kari Trumbo

Wedding bells from the tall church steeple launched into a glorious announcement as the doors swung open wide at the little chapel. Reese O’Connor waited on a blanket where the wedding picnic would be held outside the tall white building, not wanting to disturb the happy occasion with her appearance. By the looks of it, […]

Millie and the Marksman – Kari Trumbo

Millie Coco opened the sliding wood door on her new counter display case and pulled out a muffin. It slipped from her fingers and splattered all over the clean wood floor, crumbling into a lopsided heap. “Drat.” She straightened and heaved a sigh. “Another mess to clean up and just my luck, that was my […]

Gloria and the Gunman – Kari Trumbo

Gloria clutched the ornate wooden box close to her chest and ran down Redemption Bluff’s one street toward Reese O’Connor’s cigar shop. She prayed it was early enough that no one saw her coming or going from the former prostitute’s business. Proper ladies, after all, did not smoke cigars. Nor did they associate with prostitutes. […]

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