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The Marquess of Secrets – Karyn Gerrard

Harrison Hornsby, the Marquess of Tennington, and heir to the Duke of Gransford, lay prone on his mistress’s bed completely spent. A thin sheen of perspiration covered his body. The session had been a vigorous one, and bittersweet for this would be the last time he’d visit Francesca Whitten, his paramour of three years. Having […]

Scandal with a Sinful Scot – Karyn Gerrard

Garrett Wollstonecraft, and his nephew, Riordan, sat in the gallery of Insolvent Debtor’s Court, awaiting the hearing of Riordan’s father-in-law, Baron Thomas Durning. Four imperious-looking judges in robes and white wigs sat before a long table high above everyone. Directly below, the barristers sat to their right, the debtors to their left. The room was […]

Love with a Notorious Rake – Karyn Gerrard

How fortunate that Cristyn could study under her father, Dr. Gethin Bevan, at his private sanatorium. Women could not attend medical school—which was a vile injustice in Cristyn’s mind—so she soaked up everything her father taught her. There was no formal instruction or recognition for nurses, and the positions were often taken by volunteers, for […]

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