Tag: Kasey Stockton

The Jewels of Halstead Manor – Kasey Stockton

Giulia stood in the center of the lane and watched the carriage bound away down the pocked road, jarring the passengers seated on top of the swaying conveyance. She had only just been among those who couldn’t afford passage inside the stagecoach, and cringed watching Mr. Bradley, the older gentleman she’d sat beside earlier, clutching […]

A Duke for Lady Eve – Kasey Stockton

From her vantage point behind her aunt’s large, imposing feather, Evelyn Trainor could perfectly see the beautiful lace-trimmed and expertly trussed ladies lining up across from their dancing partners in the center of the room. The gentlemen were largely blocked by the ostrich’s contribution to Aunt Edith’s head piece. But the gentlemen were not imperative […]

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