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You’ve Got Male – Kat Baxter

I dial the phone and then wait for my youngest sister, Willow, to pick up. On the fourth ring, she finally does. “What?” she hisses. She’s out of breath. “Where are you?” I ask. “Where do you think?” “It’s a Sunday afternoon, Will, you do get days off.” “Tell that to Sabrina. This is the […]

Virgin Cowboy – Kat Baxter

I think my name is Josie Cole. If you had asked me that simple question six months ago, I wouldn’t have balked at my answer. But that was before everything changed. Before I learned that everything I’d been told about my life was a lie. I’d lived my whole life as the only child of […]

Sugar and Spice – Kat Baxter

Every successful business woman knows the importance of planning. After all, you don’t become one of Le CRV’s Women of the Year without a plan. You don’t become the owner of one of the nation’s most successful indie chocolatiers without a plan. And—when you live in a small town with limited access to single men […]

I Kissed A Ghoul – Kat Baxter

I’ve just barely walked into my condo and hung my keys up when my phone rings. I juggle my purse to pull out my phone while toeing off my uncomfortable shoes. “Hello?” “Heya, Peach,” Reid’s sexy voice comes from over the phone. “Why are you so out of breath? Did I catch you doing something […]

Curve Ball – Kat Baxter

“Are you sure?” I ask for probably the tenth time in the last two days. I am not normally insecure about anything, but the last six months have thrown me for a curve ball. Sam, my best friend, punches me in the arm. “Enough,” he growls. “If my Cookie says she’s sure, she’s sure.” “It’s […]

War and Roses – Kat Baxter

I open the box with my name on it and I’m kinda confused. It’s been a while since my sister, Selina, has sent me anything. She hasn’t had time with trying to work long hours to help pay for our dad’s medical treatments. I don’t recognize the return address. When I get it opened all […]

Billionaire on the Beach – Kat Baxter

I DON’T HAVE time for a damn wife, despite the fact that my mother keeps pressuring me to find the perfect bride. Montgomery Inc., the company my father started five decades ago and that I now run, keeps me so busy I barely remember what my condo looks like. I can’t remember the last meal […]

Redeeming the Hitman – Kat Baxter

I’m being a creeper, but I can’t help myself. Watching my hot neighbor do his Tai Chi in his backyard is like the highlight of my day. It’s early morning here in southern California and already the sun is out. I’m bent over staring at him through one of the knot holes in our joint […]

Big, Bearded and Brilliant – Kat Baxter

“You’re where?” my sister’s voice shrieks on the other end of the call. “In Arkansas. In the Ozark mountains.” I’m trying desperately to keep my eyes on the winding road, but the scenery is breathtaking. “It’s so pretty, Hailey. Oh, I wish you could see it! It’s so lush and green. And mountainy. And—” “But […]

601 Twilight Ln. – Kat Baxter

Oaktree! Hey man, how the fuck are you? It’s been too long. The unit isn’t the same without you, but I understand why you didn’t re-enlist. Rogers is still a dick and Jackson is still playing that damn guitar every chance he gets. I’d love to catch up, but the truth is, I need a […]

Let’s Taco ‘Bout Love – Kat Baxter

FROM THE GROUP texts of the McLeod sisters… 1st week of April LAUREL: LAUREL: PAISLEY: YUM! Those look amazing. WILLOW: How is there a taco truck in Massachusetts? PAISLEY: Wait, forget WHY there is a taco truck in MA. Why are there any food trucks there? Isn’t it too cold to eat outside? WILLOW: Guac-N-Roll. […]

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