Tag: Kat Mizera

Tending Tara – Kat Mizera

THE ARENA WAS FRİGİDLY COLD, but it was perfect for a hockey game. Picking up her stick, Tara Laasonen skated out onto the ice. These early morning games were a lot of fun, and she was grateful she’d found a group of women to play with. It had been a couple of years since she’d […]

Overtime – Kat Mizera

Sixteen seconds on the clock. The score was tied at two, and I wasn’t going to be happy if we had to go to overtime. The team I played for had lost to these guys during this particular New Year’s tournament for the last ten years. Tonight, we were going to win it. At least, […]

Holding Hailey – Kat Mizera

Winning a gold medal in the Olympics should have been the best feeling in the world, but as Hailey Dobson stood on the platform next to her teammates, she had to take a deep breath. She’d dreamed of this day for nearly a decade but now that it was here she was overwhelmed with emotions. […]

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