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Rotten Apple – Kate Allenton

I huddled on the bench outside the restaurant, pulling the holey trench coat tighter against my chest to combat the fifty-degree wind seeping into my filthy clothes. My ratted-up hair and dirty face made me unnoticeable to passing pedestrians. I looked homeless to an untrained eye. My gun lay nestled inside a broken cardboard box […]

Reclaiming Chaos – Kate Allenton

She must have seen us coming, Sir,” Melony said as she entered the apartment. That was an understatement. The woman we were chasing claimed to be able to predict the future. She’d also proven that remote viewing wasn’t a thing of science fiction but real and possible. Holding an object and being able to describe […]

Killing Chaos – Kate Allenton

Sheriff Weller stared at the metal table full of evidence the forensic team had processed. They’d pulled so much stuff out of the Devil’s Pit, it was overwhelming. Most crime scenes had barely enough evidence to start to track criminals. The Pit’s plethora of stuff offered more questions than answers. Newspapers dated from the early […]

Haunted Chaos – Kate Allenton

Emmett Bennett was a man of few words. Very few words. He stood in the corner of the room, watching his relatives drink and celebrate the grand opening of the BennettSlaughter Ski Lodge. It was the reason I was here; well, one of the reasons. I eyed the exit before rechecking my watch and catching […]

Destined Chaos – Kate Allenton

“Libby, tell me you at least had the decency to explain?” Champ Beaumont breathlessly asked as he tried to keep up with me. We’d jogged seven miles. One more and he’d give out and call it a productive morning. “Peter was getting clingy, and I warned him in the beginning not to get attached.” There […]

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