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The Princess and the Rogue – Kate Bateman

Princess Anastasia Denisova took careful aim with the hammer. “Anya, no! Not the tiara!” Anya sent her best friend a quick glance, then returned her attention to the glittering headpiece in front of her. “We can’t hide it like this. We need small, unidentifiable pieces.” Elizaveta groaned, apparently resigned to the inevitable, and Anya quashed […]

To Catch an Earl – Kate Bateman

Only touch what you’re going to steal. Of the many rules of thieving her father had taught her, that one was key. Emmy Danvers broke it the night of Lady Carlton’s masked ball; she touched Alexander Harland. She had no intention of stealing him, except from the other eager women in the room. She was […]

This Earl of Mine – Kate Bateman

There were worse places to find a husband than Newgate Prison. Of course there were. It was just that, at present, Georgie couldn’t think of any. “Georgiana Caversteed, this is a terrible idea.” Georgie frowned at her burly companion, Pieter Smit, as the nondescript carriage he’d summoned to convey them to London’s most notorious jail […]

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