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The Lord of Lost Causes – Kate Pearce

“If you will just wait a moment, Mr. Keswick, I’ll have the money for you directly.” Billy Keswick blew his nose in his grimy handkerchief. “Can’t wait much longer, lass. I have rents to collect from fifty households before dinner, so you’d best be quick about it.” Despite his warning, he took a seat at […]

The Duke of Debt – Kate Pearce

“Will you come with me, Francis?” Alistair Haralson, Marquess of Hellion repeated his question. “I can’t deal with that side of the family on my own.” “I agree that they are difficult, but why do you need me?” Francis Grafton, Viscount Wesley— who was known locally as Captain Grafton—shifted restlessly in his chair. “Caroline is […]

Tempted at Christmas – Kate Pearce

The French had a word for it, of course, being the French and the damned enemy, though they were only a day’s sail away across the Channel. The coup de foudre they called it—the stroke of lightning, the moment of force when everything changed. Everything had changed the first moment Matthew Kent had seen her, […]

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