Tag: Kate Tilney

Sage – Kate Tilney

Juggling a stack of fully loaded drink containers, I’m reaching for the handle on my car door when my phone rings. “Give me a minute,” I hiss through my teeth. “Just hold your horses, and give me a minute. I only have two hands.” I know the person calling at this very inopportune time can’t […]

Mr. April – Kate Tilney

“Ma’am, can you hear me? Ma’am, if you can, I need you to open your eyes.” My eyelids flutter open. Bright light blinds me. I clench my eyes shut again. “Ma’am. Are you awake?” “It would appear so,” I mumble through the fog that is slowly lifting from around me. “Could you please do me […]

Liev – Kate Tilney

Tossing my purse onto the passenger seat of my car, I drop into the driver’s seat. “Oh my God.” I lean against the headrest for a moment. “That was the longest shift of my life.” I say that after every shift. And I mean it after every shift. I love being a nurse. But I […]

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