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Mr. July – Kate Tilney

A Message from the Firefighters Calendar Creative Team Welcome to the Firefighters Calendar. We’ve rounded up twelve of the sexiest heroes we could find in the United States in the name of charity. They’re bold. They’re brave. They’re buff. They’re hotter than hot and, ladies, they’re single! But this calendar isn’t just about making you […]

Mr. August – Kate Tilney

PAYTON The phone rings as I’m filling a watering can in the kitchen sink. I’m house-sitting for my best friend Caris while she and her new husband are on their honeymoon. While they’re probably working on their first human child, I’ve been left in charge of caring for their plant children. Caris’s words. Not mine. […]

Gabe – Kate Tilney

TAYLOR The love of my life races across the meadow to meet me. “Hey, baby,” I call out. “Damn, you’re looking good today.” Almanzo throws his head back, shaking his dark hair in the dewy morning air. My heart pounds as he comes to a stop a few feet in front of me, a greeting […]

Duke – Kate Tilney

GIA Stepping out of Anchorage International Airport, I come to a sudden stop and gape. “Good gravy, Margaret!” My eyes grow round as I take in the stunning view of the mountains in the not-todistant horizon. I’m halfway tempted to pinch myself to make sure this is really happening and that I’m not dreaming. A […]

Cade – Kate Tilney

HARPER “No, no, no, no!” Dropping the blanket I was bringing from the bedroom, I reach my dad’s side just as he’s about to tip over his recliner. Gripping him by the shoulders, I ease him back against the seat. “Just where do you think you were going?” I ask, my hands balled up into […]

Bride for the Billionaire Single Dad – Kate Tilney

MAYA The driver pulls to a stop in front of one of Seattle’s most exclusive high-rise buildings. I angle my neck in an uncomfortably unnatural way. “Wow,” I breathe out. The driver—whose name, I’m sorry to say, I’ve already forgotten in the blur that has been today—chuckles. “It’s impressive, isn’t it?” “You said it.” As […]

Boyd – Kate Tilney

AUTUMN Ka-thump. “What was that?” my dad calls out from the front of our boat. I glance up from the book I’ve been curled up reading on deck. “What was what?” “That sound.” “What sound?” “Have you been paying attention to anything?” “I’ve been paying attention to this.” Keeping my finger in place, I close […]

Berg – Kate Tilney

MAE Standing tall with his arms folded across his rock-hard chest, Berg arches an eyebrow. “Want to take a tour of my latest cabin build?” His low voice rumbles in my chest and sends a flurry of butterflies into my belly. I shift in my seat. Glancing around me, I adjust the AirPods in my […]

Arlo – Kate Tilney

KIT Arlo grips the ax. With his flannel shirt rolled up to his elbows, his bulging forearms are on full display. He hoists the ax high in the air and brings it down in one swift motion. The log splits neatly in two. “Oh, yeah,” he growls as the wood falls aside. Taking a step […]

Ryker – Kate Tilney

RYKER “Dad, tell us a story.” I groan. Dad only has one story. My stupid little brother, River, knows that. And he knows Dad loves to tell it, even though we’ve heard it a million times. River is probably just kissing up to our parents. They took his Game Boy away because he beamed me […]

Ruben – Kate Tilney

not that long ago, on a front porch far, far away in the Alaskan wilderness RUBEN Amy sighs as we sit on the front porch swing. “Are you okay?” I ask, leaning forward to adjust the quilt wrapped around her tired body. “I’m fine.” She leans back in my arms. “Tell me the story about […]

Roman – Kate Tilney

a long time ago, in a town not so very far, far away from the Alaskan wilderness ROMAN Stopping in my tracks outside the store, I tug on Dad’s hand. He glances down at me. “What’s up, son?” “I thought we were going to the arcade.” My stupid twin brother dropped our Game Boys in […]

Robin – Kate Tilney

a long time ago behind a cabin tucked far, far away in the Alaskan wilderness ROBIN With one hand clinging to a tree branch, I reach out for the rope to the tire swing. My tummy feels funny. Mom would say I have butterflies in my stomach. But when I asked my teacher if butterflies […]

River – Kate Tilney

a long time ago behind a rec room tucked far, far away in the Alaskan wilderness Folding my arms across my chest, I swing my legs back and forth, kicking the side of the box I’m seated on as I do. “You know what you did,” I say loudly. “Are either of you ready to […]

Mr. May – Kate Tilney

MACY Standing outside the industrial building with wall-to-wall windows, my cold feet get the better of me. “I’m not sure about this,” I say to my best friend Brittani. “I’m not going to force you to go in,” she says. Though the way she has her hands planted on her hips suggests otherwise. “But I’d […]

Mr. June – Kate Tilney

PEARL The ball flies through the air and I have to do a running jump to catch it in the air. “Oof.” I teeter back on my feet, wincing. I definitely did not wear the right bra for this kind of activity. But when my six-year-old son, Benny, said he was nervous about his first […]

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