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Andrew – Kate Weiss

Staring at the clock on the wall, I strum my fingers across my lap. Any minute now, we’ll be summoned. I can feel his eyes on me, but I avoid them. I want to get this over with as soon as possible. With as little interaction as possible. “Can you stop tapping your fingers? It’s […]

Aaron – Kate Weiss

I sink another glass of champagne like my life depends on it. Well, actually, it kinda does. I’m way out of my comfort zone out here. Out here on a tiny yacht. One that definitely wasn’t intended for this many people. Switching out my empty glass for a full one, I turn my attention to […]

Falling for the Small Town Sheriff – Kate Weiss

By the time I finally bail on the latest chapter in my book, I realize it’s already dark outside. Jesus, when did that happen? It’s been hours since I arrived, and I’ve written… 217 words?! Sophie and Chloe have got me looking after Sweetheart Snaps while they’re both off galivanting around with their new men. […]

Falling for the Mountain Man Mechanic – Kate Weiss

Pink Ridge – 30km. The sign flashes by in a blur, immediately dragging up a thousand old memories. Christmases spent tearing open presents with mom and dad. Summers spent hiking through the mountains. My first crush back in high school, a highly regrettable jock — sorry, jerk. Being back here is going to be weird, […]

Falling for the Hollywood Heartthrob – Kate Weiss

“Freeze; don’t move.” My cheeks burn through my forced smile, with Chloe pointing an old Polaroid squarely at my face in front of the store. The shutter snaps and the flash near-enough blinds me, before a small, square photo pops out the slot on the bottom. “I think that pose was perfect.” And then I […]

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