Tag: Katee Robert

Broderick – Katee Robert

I always knew it would come to this. Handfasted, not to the woman I want, but to the heir to the Amazon faction. Linked to the enemy for a year in the most intimate way possible, all for the sake of revenge. Monroe Rhodius stands next to me, her silence doing nothing to detract from […]

The Hunting Grounds – Katee Robert

“Someone just reported a body being found out at the Kootenai Lakes campground.” Startled, Maggie Gaines jumped to her feet and snatched the radio from the desk. She knew that voice. David Downey was one of their new seasonal rangers who had been brought on for the summer, and she’d last seen him this morning […]

The Beast – Katee Robert

We have to do something. It has to be you, Izzy. For the good of the family. My sisters’ voices ring in my ears, even hours after our conversation. I stand on the curb and stare up at the building before me. It looks nearly identical to those around it: a nondescript gray square reaching […]

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