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The Scoundrel and I – Katharine Ashe

Sometimes an honest, affectionate girl is born into misfortune but, by the grace of God or Luck or Fate, eventually finds her way out of those sorry circumstances to live happily ever after. Gabrielle Flood was not, unfortunately, one of those girls. Which was the reason that at the age of twenty-six, despite a heart […]

The Rogue – Katharine Ashe

Of the dozen men in the room, he was the only man she should not be staring at. He was not a lord. Not an heir to a fortune. Not a scion of impressive lineage or a favorite of the prince. He wasn’t even really a gentleman. Yet she could not look away. It shouldn’t […]

The Pirate and I – Katharine Ashe

“Promise, maggot!” his brother shouted into the wind. Eyes clamped shut, Charlie shook his head. Water lapped at his hair dangling into the sea. His bare ankles and arms where they’d trussed him were in agony. Salt stung the wounds and clogged his nose. He tightened his lips together. “Promise!” Jo insisted. “Promise you’ll tell […]

The Earl – Katharine Ashe

Spine stiff and shoulders squared, the boy sat in the chair by the window with his palms on his knees and the soles of his feet pressed to the floor. He did not move. Not even his shallow breaths stirred his frame that was bony like an ascetic’s, nor his face that was without expression, […]

The Duke – Katharine Ashe

Dearest Daughter Emily, A companion has been hired! The ship has sailed! Your sister has gone!! I am beside myself and have told your other sisters that if they ever so much as glance at a preacher, their father will disown them. How unfortunate That Man resembles the man in her childhood Plan!! If only […]

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