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Wickedly Yours – Kathleen Ayers

Wales would never be her favorite place. Gloomy with a gray cast that never seemed to leave, Wales was full of ill-tempered dark, mysterious folk who glared at her with suspicion and at times open dislike. One of the those being the ancient, deaf cousin that dwelled within the walls of the gray stone edifice […]

Wicked Again – Kathleen Ayers

Marissa stretched her body out across the bed, discreetly pulling the sheet up over her naked body. She was sore. Deliciously so. A large palm, fingers splayed possessively, rested just below her navel. The owner of the hand watched her, eyes shining like quicksilver in the faint, pink mist of morning light filtering across the […]

The Theory of Earls – Kathleen Ayers

“Stand up straight, Margaret. Good Lord, if you slouch in such a manner, you’ll make everyone think you have a physical deformity. It has been difficult enough to find you a suitable gentleman this season. Impossible in fact, but Lord Winthrop has expressed an interest in you, and we don’t wish to scare him away.” […]

The Design of Dukes – Kathleen Ayers

Lady Andromeda Barrington stepped discreetly behind a tree, determined to sketch the gorgeous concoction Miss Anne Cummings wore. The frothy gown of pale pink had been designed in such a way to resemble the careful opening of a flower. A fabulous design. Romy wondered who had made the gown. Madame Fontaine? Surely if it had […]

Tall, Dark & Wicked – Kathleen Ayers

Lady Petra Grantly observed the room of people gathered for the marriage of her brother, Rowan, to Lady Arabella Tremaine. The gathering was small and intimate, with only family and close friends in attendance. Her parents, Lord and Lady Marsh, had been pressuring Rowan to marry for years. Today should have been a happy one. […]

Still Wicked – Kathleen Ayers

ady Elizabeth Reynolds clutched her favorite doll to her chest and scuttled under the table in Papa’s study. She pulled her knees up tight, backing as far underneath the table as she could. Mother and Sutton hadn’t seen her when they had entered. Papa had beaten Cousin Archie until he’d had to be carried from […]

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