Tag: Kathryn Ann Kingsley

Ruin of Fate – Kathryn Ann Kingsley

FATE. What a nonsensical concept. It was only a word given by ants to the sadistic and wrathful toddler wielding a magnifying glass on a summer day. It was not real. It did not exist. Fate. It was an insult to call suffering by that name. To claim all that befell the living was merely […]

Grave of Words – Kathryn Ann Kingsley

EVİE WATCHED THE SNOW FALL. She loved snow. She’d never get over how beautiful it was, little drifting flakes that together could change a whole forest into a blanket of white. The birds and insects were quiet, hunkering down from the storm. It wasn’t a windy one, but it certainly was intent on dropping a […]

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