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Age of Gods and Mortals – Kathryn Le Veque

This is one of those books that has seen many iterations before the final product. MANY. It started out as one thing and ended up another. Sometimes, that happens, but I’m really excited to finally finish it and thrilled with the way it turned out. This is an unusual tale, too, but I won’t give […]

The Dark Spawn – Kathryn Le Veque

“WHAT İS HAPPENİNG?” A battle-scarred knight with a heavy Irish accent spoke softly. “Does anyone know why we’ve been summoned?” He was speaking to a group of men, hovering in the same room, standing silently as they waited in the darkness, with only a flickering fire to light the surprisingly ornate solar of one of […]

WolfeSword – Kathryn Le Veque

“YOU HAVE SEEN the fortress?” “I have. And it will cost you more to take it.” There was a pause. In a small, cluttered solar that smelled of urine and dog feces, a man with bad teeth and even worse hair was facing off against a well-dressed, well-armed man of Flemish origins. It was a […]

WolfeStrike – Kathryn Le Veque

IT WAS DAWN. From the rains the previous night, the fields were green but the road was muddy, thick and uneven, like a puddle of congealed gravy. It made for difficult travel as the twothousand-man army from Lioncross Abbey Castle returned from a nasty battle for control of Goodrich Castle, several days’ journey to the […]

WolfeBlade – Kathryn Le Veque

HE SAW HİM coming. William de Wolfe, the greatest English knight on the Scottish border, was all-seeing and all-knowing when it came to matters of northern England. He had the pulse of the politics and the players but, unfortunately, he had missed something occurring within his very own family. He was still kicking himself because […]

O Night Divine – Kathryn Le Veque

“AND THEN THE three wise men saw the star over the stable.” “They came to see the Christ child, Dada?” “Nay. They were much more than that.” The great hall of Chalford Hill was warm and cozy, surprising for such a high-ceilinged hall. A vast amount of rushes covered the floor and the walls, all […]

Emma – Kathryn Le Veque

IT WAS A cool day in late September with the threat of an autumn storm hovering over the Yorkshire moors. The tour bus was approaching from the east, just ahead of the storm, and heading to one of the prime destinations in Yorkshire, a great and rambling manor called Blackmoor Hall. It was settled on […]

Archangel – Kathryn Le Veque

HE WAS SEEİNG ghosts. It was true that he was weary after having spent the last seven days traveling from Kent to the shadowed edges of the Exmoor Forest. It was also true that the wilds of Somerset and Cornwall were said to breed wraiths and other netherworld creatures, and Dunster was right in the […]

WolfeHeart – Kathryn Le Veque

HE’D COME FOR a meal and maybe a sexual favor. But that’s not what he was facing. This was his damned property and all he could see where dirty, grizzled Scots in the courtyard, sitting around a giant fire they’d created right in the middle of it. They’d dug up the cobblestones in the courtyard […]

Warwolfe – Kathryn Le Veque

“QUEENİE? ARE YOU home?” A gray-haired man with a hand-hewn wooden cane opened the old door even as he pounded on it, raining rust from the old hinges onto the floor. The house in which the door was lodged was ancient by any standard, a squat farmhouse built from the pale gray stone that was […]

The Promise – Kathryn Le Veque

“CULLEN, I AM sure you realize that you are not going to Wales with the others.” “I have assumed as much, my lord.” “I have something very special planned for you.” “My lord?” In the rather bright and well-appointed solar of William Marshal’s favored country property, an enormous knight with blonde hair and dark eyes […]

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