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Bone Crier’s Dawn – Kathryn Purdie

“WATCH OUT, SABINE!” JULES’S LOW and scratchy voice calls from a mineshaft above. I barely have time to move aside before she drops into the tunnel. A rush of air hits Bastien’s candle, and the flame sputters out. We’re thrown into absolute darkness. “Merde,” Bastien curses. “Relax,” Jules says. “Marcel always has a tinderbox in […]

Bone Crier’s Moon – Kathryn Purdie

FINGERS OF MIST CURLED AROUND Bastien’s father as he walked away from his only child. The boy lifted up on his knees in their stalled handcart. “Where are you going, Papa?” His father didn’t answer. The light of the full moon shone on Lucien’s chestnut hair, and the mist swallowed him from sight. Alone, Bastien […]

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