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At Last – Kathryn Shay

“Boy, the place stinks, even with our masks.” Tess gestured to the apartment that had been decimated by fire. “People don’t know that about burned buildings,” David Ashford, Captain of the Arson Squad, put in. Just then, the arson videographer came back into the main room with another member of the team. “I taped and […]

More Than Enough – Kathryn Shay

A support beam cracked into pieces and took a slow dive to the floor. Its fiery tip clipped Trish Mackenzie in the shoulder. She yelped at the sharp pain that sliced through her upper body. Her lieutenant, Ben Benedeski, stopped. “You okay, Mackenzie?” He shouted to be heard over the slap of water at the […]

Take Me Back – Kathryn Shay

What the hell are you doing here?” “Hello, Rafe.” Kate Cassidy’s voice was still husky; she used to turn him on with just its sound. Rafe Casella couldn’t swallow, as if cotton was stuck in his throat. He gripped the door handle. Finally, he was able to ask, “What do you want, Kate?” She straitened […]

Only With You – Kathryn Shay

Max Blackwell answered the door right away. He must be anxious, too. Good thing, because Whitney Dwyer was about to make the biggest move of her life. “Hey, Whitney. Come on in.” Huh. He usually greeted her with a sexist term like doll or sweetie or babe, which he’d initially used to needle her. But […]

Above and Beyond – Kathryn Shay

“I need you to go to Catasaga, Nick. Indefinitely. Isabelle is getting threatening notes. She could be in grave danger.” Special Agent in Charge Nick Marino stared over at the president of the United States, trying to hide his shock. The Oval Office felt hot all of a sudden, though the cool rain dribbled down […]

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