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Runaway – Katie Cross

Drizzling rain pattered my windshield as I stared at a two-story cabin built of wooden logs stacked on top of each other. Faded white lines lay between each log, making it look ancient. Rain stained the wood a darker shade of brown, and a little wisp of smoke rose above the chimney despite the moisture. […]

Lovesick – Katie Cross

My knuckles turned white as I gripped the steering wheel of my 1992 Honda, a silent mantra playing on repeat in my head. I won’t slide off the canyon road. I won’t plunge into the icy river below. I won’t die tonight. I won’t slide off the canyon road . . . “Don’t be so […]

Coffee Shop Girl – Katie Cross

This place needs to burn to the ground.” My barista, Anthony, shoved a coffee mug into the sink as he stomped away. Milk splattered the floor at his feet as he tore around the cabinet, heading for the door. The bitter scent of burnt coffee lingered in the air. Halfway into the Frolicking Moose Coffee […]

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