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Company of Thieves – Katie MacAlister

“Cap’n Pye! Cap’n Pye!” “No, I’m Hallie.” I gave the teenage boy who burst into the navigation room a quelling look. Dooley had what I thought of as an alternate-world form of ADD, and could hardly stand still let alone focus on anything for longer than a few minutes. He was forever flitting around the […]

You Slay Me – Katie MacAlister

“Ezling.” “No, it’s Aisling.” “Azhlee?” “Aisling. It’s Irish.” The Orly passport control man glared suspiciously at me over the top of my passport. “Your passport, it says you are American.” I rallied, a smile when I really wanted to scream with frustration instead. “I am. My mother was Irish, hence the name Aisling.” He transferred […]

Light My Fire – Katie MacAlister

“Just leave everything to me.” “Famous last words, Ash. Your record hasn’t been too good so far, has it?” The burly black shape in front of me that tossed the words over its furry shoulder didn’t stop, but I did, frowning. Jim, my demon in Newfoundland dog form, might not be Little Mary Sunshine, but […]

Holy Smokes – Katie MacAlister

“‘I’m gettin’ married in the morning! Ding-dong, the bells are gonna riiiiiiiing!’” “Will you stop that!” I whapped Jim on its furry black shoulder, sending a quick glance across the small room to make sure no one had heard my demon in doggy form singing. “So help me god, Jim, if you let anyone catch […]

Ghost of a Chance – Katie MacAlister

“Hi there! You’ve reached Spider and Karma’s house, but we’re busy showing some lovely homes at affordable prices to charming and attractive people, so we can’t come to the phone right now. Ha-ha, just kidding. We’re really having wild monkey sex on the bathroom floor. Since that’ll keep us busy for a while, go ahead […]

Fire Me Up – Katie MacAlister

“You’d think that Hungary would see the light as far as secondhand smoke is concerned, wouldn’t you? I probably lost at least thirty percent of my lung capacity on the trip from the airport.” I didn’t even glance at the massive hairy black form at my side as we disembarked from the train on a […]

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