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Saving Sienna – Katie Reus

Carson held on to Sienna’s hips, holding her closer than necessary as they swayed to the music. This woman was pure fire in his arms, sensual, funny, and gorgeous. His sister Kathryn had just gotten married and she and her new husband—Sienna’s brother—had already left. But the reception was in full swing and even though […]

Edge of Danger – Katie Reus

Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV): aka drone, an aircraft without a human pilot physically aboard. Controlled by computers or a pilot at another location. ayford Osborn strode down the brick sidewalk of the quiet Georgetown neighborhood, trying to keep his walk natural. Not easy when a wild energy hummed through him. It was a little after […]

Deadly Surrender – Katie Reus

Grace’s heels clicked against the marble floor of the Serafina Casino and Hotel. A huge, glittering chandelier hung high above the lobby, the crystal reflecting prettily over the lush setting. The lights cast a soft glow, making the place feel almost magical. Likely smart staging so that people would want to come here to spend […]

Deadly Past – Katie Reus

Ana slid the cap off her Canon camera as she approached the next alleyway. She was working on a project for her mentor and boss, highlighting poverty around the area. This was her last night, and she’d already gotten some incredible shots. It was nearing midnight, and she was almost ready to head back to […]

Dark Memento – Katie Reus

Shards of agony ripped through her as she yanked against her bonds. The rope had rubbed her wrists and ankles raw enough that she’d lost a lot of blood and skin. But the pain reminded Serenity that she was still alive—and it kept her awake. She couldn’t fall asleep, couldn’t lose any time no matter […]

Bishop’s Queen – Katie Reus

Exhausted, Isla stepped into a local Miami restaurant owned by Viktor Ivanov, smiling politely at the maître d’ as she shed her coat. The restaurant was inside a posh hotel so it was a mix of locals and tourists. “I believe my party is already here, Geno Conti.” “Of course, Ms. McDonald, this way.” As […]

Bishop’s Knight – Katie Reus

Evie slowly circulated around the dimly lit bar, adrenaline pumping through her. Tonight was the night her special ops CIA team ended their three-month operation. Yerik Morozov, the man her team was looking for, was supposed to be at this club for his birthday. Morozov ran the Morozov mafia in a midsized Russian-Ukraine border town. […]

Bishop’s Endgame – Katie Reus

Ellis Bishop gunned his engine, taking a sharp left turn. His arm muscles flexed, stretching the sleeves of his leather jacket as the motorcycle shot forward. Faster, faster, faster, he silently urged it. He’d found out from a source that his partner’s cover had been blown and he couldn’t get hold of Carter. He couldn’t […]

A Covert Affair – Katie Reus

Collateral damage: damage, injuries, or deaths that are incidental to an intended target(s). Unintended civilian casualties or destruction of civilian property. “Evacuate now!” Karen shouted through their comm line. Nathan immediately pushed himself up from one of the pillars of the Metro Station, his gaze locking with Freeman’s, twenty feet away. This was fucking bad. […]

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