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Turn the Tide – Katie Ruggle

“I hate the mall,” Molly said. “I know.” Cara’s voice was endlessly patient, as if she hadn’t heard this same complaint a dozen times in the past twenty minutes. “What are all these people doing here?” Molly was honestly baffled as she looked around at the late-summer Saturday crowd. “Don’t they know about the internet?” […]

Survive the Night – Katie Ruggle

“Alice!” Jeb’s shout made her jump, the tiny zipper tab slipping from her fingers. Alice glanced at the closed door. “Just a moment!” “Hurry up.” Jeb sounded tense, making Alice’s fingers tremble in response. “Your brother is waiting.” Her gaze darted to the clock. It was just past eight, and Aaron had told her to […]

Risk It All – Katie Ruggle

Cara tried to act casual as she walked along the motel’s cracked, weedy sidewalk, but she knew she looked exactly like what she was: a kindergarten teacher—well, almost— who was scared out of her mind. If she told her sisters what she was about to do, they’d yank her home and tie her to a […]

In Her Sights – Katie Ruggle

“I’m headed to the park,” Molly called as she let the screen door slam behind her. It slapped against the edge of the frame, too warped to close properly. She absently made a mental note to fix it later…along with the hundred other things that needed doing around the house. “You want backup?” Charlie yelled […]

Hold Your Breath – Katie Ruggle

Jumping into a hole cut in the frozen reservoir was a stupid idea. In fact, of all the questionable decisions she’d made since abandoning civilization for her tiny mountain cabin seven months ago, this was probably the worst. At least, Lou mused wryly, it was a beautiful place in which to do a dumb thing. […]

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