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Tempting the Scoundrel – Katrina Kendrick

Tonight’s theft was Nicholas Thorne’s last. There were rumors that The Earl of Kent’s mistress had a vast jewelry collection that rivaled the queen. If those whispers were even the slightest bit true, Thorne would have quite the bounty by morning. He’d stolen many jewels, of course—necklaces, bracelets, rings, ear-bobs, even hair combs. Whatever they […]

His Scandalous Lessons – Katrina Kendrick

Anne Sheffield had always followed her father’s rules. He’d said them so often that she could recite each one, as instructed, while her thoughts screamed as if muffled from within four prison walls. Many served as guidelines, principles of behavior intended to wear Anne down, little by little, until it appeared as if she had […]

A Touch Wicked – Katrina Kendrick

James Grey, The Earl of Kent, had only heard of the Masquerade discreetly murmured between glasses of brandy at White’s. The stories alone were enough to inflame a man’s desire. Yet, as he regarded the invitation and box that had arrived on his doorstep that morning, he felt a foreign sense of trepidation. And James […]

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