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Wish of a Highlander – Katy Baker

Ava Hall put on her best smile. “Fifteen for the necklace. And there’s a matching set of earrings to go with it. Twenty-five for both. Can’t say fairer than that, can I? Authentic 1940s style. It’s very much back in fashion.” The blonde-haired woman who’d been perusing Ava’s stall pursed her lips, considering. “Actually, I […]

Path of a Highlander – Katy Baker

Sienna Campbell pulled the buckle on the metal brace one notch tighter and then looked down at her patient. “There. That should do it. Ready to try again?” Miles Turner nodded, his curly locks falling around his face, and gave her his bravest smile. “Aye. Ready.” Sienna smiled at him and patted the nine-year-old on […]

Time of a Highlander – Katy Baker

Georgina Smyth wiped her hand across her brow. It came back covered in stone dust. Despite her overalls, the dust managed to get everywhere. After a day in the workshop she always looked twenty years older, with dust turning her auburn hair prematurely gray and settling in every line on her forehead. Still, she thought, […]

Spirit of a Highlander – Katy Baker

Thea Thomas edged quietly through the undergrowth. She crouched low, camera clasped in both hands, moving with as much stealth as she could muster. The ground underfoot squelched and she could feel cold water seeping into her boots. She barely noticed. She was so close to her goal. Just a little further… In the clearing […]

Soul of a Highlander – Katy Baker

Sophie MacCullough bent her back and dug the spade into the soft brown earth, turning it over until it became soft and crumbly. Then she added in some compost from her barrow and began planting the spring plants that Mrs. Owen had ordered. It was a lovely spring day, one of those rare days early […]

Song of a Highlander – Katy Baker

JESSICA MAXWELL LEANED back in her swivel chair and tried to curb her impatience. She pulled a pen from behind her ear and began tapping it on the desk. Rat-a-tat-tat! Come on. Hurry up! She’d only started the analysis this morning, but waiting for the results felt like an eternity. With so much riding on […]

Promise of a Highlander – Katy Baker

There’s the problem. See?” Emelia Shaw peered in the direction the foreman was pointing. The construction site—a wide swathe of cleared ground filled with equipment and bags of sand and grit—ran all the way down to where the river lapped lazily at the shore. Above her reared the city’s railway bridge, all thick girders and […]

Fate of a Highlander – Katy Baker

Honestly, Doc,” Mr Roberts said with a wide-eyed look of innocence. “I dunno why it’s got worse. I did everything you told me.” Eleanor Stevenson glanced at the red, swollen foot and sighed. Straightening from where she knelt by Mr Roberts, she pulled off her latex gloves and took a seat behind the desk, resting […]

Destiny of a Highlander – Katy Baker

Breanne Martin set down her tools and stretched her arms over her head. She let out a long sigh and wriggled her shoulders, trying to work the kinks out of her neck. On the worktable in front of her sat the museum’s latest conservation piece, defying all her attempts to get it ready for tomorrow’s […]

Call of a Highlander – Katy Baker

The coffee shop was busy this morning. As Bethany Carter worked feverishly at the coffee machine, making the usual latte for Mr Penrose, she wiped her sweaty brow with a handkerchief and drew a deep breath. What else did she expect for a Monday morning in rainy Edinburgh? Everyone was eager for their morning pick-me-up […]

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