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Wait for Dark – Kay Hooper

It didn’t seem like a big deal when Clara Adams saw, a couple of blocks ahead of her car, what looked like a child playing in the center of the road, almost directly under a streetlight. Dumb, but no big deal, after all. Idiot kid, playing in the street. Where are the idiot parents? She […]

Hold Back the Dark – Kay Hooper

Olivia Castle had experienced some monster headaches in her time, but this one, she felt sure, was about to make her head quite literally explode. It had come out of nowhere, as if something had just yanked her head into an invisible, tightening vise without warning. A vise with teeth. In pain, queasy, and shaking, […]

Final Shadows – Kay Hooper

Wake up. You need to wake up. Henry, you have to wake up. They’re going to kill you. Henry McCord had a lifetime of practice in hiding the fact that he saw dead people. A medium, that’s what it was called. He’d been a medium for thirty-six years, more or less. He could actually remember […]

Hidden Salem – Kay Hooper

Do it. Do it now. Mark Summers could hear the command, but not out loud. His head hurt horribly, and he had the hazy idea that the commands that kept ringing out were actually inside his head, as clear as one of his own thoughts, but . . . savage. It blocked out everything else, […]

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