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Chasing Miranda – Kaye Blakely

THE WARMTH of the afternoon hung like a haze over the bend in the little creek. The pollen was thick in the air, and dozens of tiny blossoms parachuted from the dandelions which were heaviest near the base of the hill that the boys were climbing. Nicholas was lame, and it slowed him some, but […]

Broken – Kaye Blakely

F 1 NE W YORK C I T Y rancine had asked her son (Daniel) and his girlfriend (Melody) to the event. They’d flown in from sunny Georgia to witness one of the biggest events the company had ever put forward. With headline acts, multiple motivational speakers, a charity auction, and a concert to finish, […]

Double or Nothing – Kaye Blakely

T PROLOGUE hey say that blood is thicker than water, but I’ve seen enough vast, unexplored expanses of water to know that it’s (blood) certainly not wider. A blood pact, made in the womb or at the breast, as a babe or on the battlefield of life as a man. Well that certainly goes deeper […]

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