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Shattered – Kaylea Cross

“Got visual on target. Hundred-and-eighty yards and closing,” Nate’s team leader said quietly from the front passenger seat. His Alabama drawl gave the words an eerily relaxed feel that was completely at odds with the situation, but as a former Delta Force operative, pretty much nothing rattled Tuck. Seated in the back between two of […]

Guarded – Kaylea Cross

Stretched out on her belly on a wooded ridge overlooking the valley floor, Briar stared through her night vision riflescope at the log cabin below. The scent of the forest surrounded her, damp and earthy and fresh after a hard rain that had just eased to a light shower a few minutes ago. “I count […]

Fast Justice – Kaylea Cross

Manny Nieto removed his sunglasses as he stepped out of the armored Range Rover parked out front of the humble house on the outskirts of town, and tucked them into the pocket of his designer shirt. His head of security was waiting for him on the front porch, having already ensured the area was safe […]

Beautiful Vengeance – Kaylea Cross

He’s coming. At the sound of the footsteps moving overhead, Kiyomi struggled to open her eyes. The lids were so swollen her field of vision was reduced to a single tiny strip on the left side. Fear crawled through her, foreign and terrifying. Chains rattled as she gingerly turned onto her belly, the manacles around […]

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