Tag: Keary Taylor

A Shadow in the Light – Keary Taylor

“CAN YOU CONFİRM?” Davorian’s voice cuts through the room with the sharpness of a knife. There’s a full twenty seconds of silence, save for the sound of feet crossing broken glass scattered across gravel coming through the speaker of the phone. “Confirmed,” she says. “Agent Calista is dead.” A collective curse slips from every set […]

Skin and Bone – Keary Taylor

EİGHT SURGERİES, twelve hair dye experiments, 1,834 hours of video observation, two years of yoga practice to try to make up that extra inch of height, and the public loss of gluten. That’s what I’ve gone through for love. That’s everything I’ve given up–all the money I’ve spent, all the hours I’ve invested–to finally be […]

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