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The Curse of Black Isle – Keira Montclair

This one step, this one act he was about to commit, would change his life—irrevocably. Marcas Matheson prepared to climb over the curtain wall. To do so was to breach the gates of Clan Ramsay, a move that would make him hunted and condemned by every Highland warrior until he was caught, but he didn’t […]

The Scot’s Quest – Keira Montclair

He’d loved her more than any other woman in his life and she was gone. Madeline Grant had been the perfect woman—beautiful, sweet, loving, loyal, everything a man could want in a wife. But she’d met Alexander Grant first, and they’d married and made a life together, raising five bairns of their own and one […]

Elizabeth – Keira Montclair

Gil Grant came abreast of his comrades, Loki, Kenzie, Thorn, and Nari, outside of the gates of Grant Castle, presently open. They were all in merry moods, having come for one of the Grants’ small festivals, which only made the scene they rode into more unexpected. Utter chaos reigned. Grant guards were charging out through […]

The Scot’s Spy – Keira Montclair

“I’m done,” Elshander Grant bellowed to his cousins. “Do not ask me to brandish my sword again!” While he wished to toss his weapon to Alick or Dyna, both of whom were standing in front of him, he wasn’t a fool. He was going outside the gates, and none knew when the English would become […]

Sorcha – Keira Montclair

They were supposed to be hunting. Instead, they had become the hunted. Sorcha Ramsay screamed as an arrow sluiced through the air, embedding in a nearby tree with a loud thwack. The three men hunting with her gathered in around her horse, sending her dearest friend into a fit of irritation. “Get your head down, […]

Reforming the Duke – Keira Montclair

Angry screeches penetrated the windows of the carriage, impossibly high in pitch. “Someone needs to remind that woman of her place in the ton. Why, she acts as if she is the patroness of Almack’s.” Mary St. James, Dowager Duchess of Brentwood, stared wide-eyed at her son seated across from her in the carriage. “Really, […]

Kyla – Keira Montclair

Summer in Grant land, the Highlands of Scotland, late 13 th century Jake Grant stood on the dais of the great hall filled with Grants and Ramsays. The majority of the Ramsays, who were considered family by marriage, were still at Grant castle after joining them for Sorcha Ramsay’s wedding. A messenger had arrived not […]

Highland Lies – Keira Montclair

The Highlands of Scotland, Autumn, 1284 “Stop! Stop or you’ll go over the edge!” Rose MacDole squealed as soon as she heard the deep male voice call out to her. She spun around in time to see the intruder heading straight for her. A big man, he was reaching out his hands as if to […]

Highland Fortitude – Keira Montclair

He couldn’t let her go. Daniel Drummond tugged on the reins of his horse, branches slapping at his face because the beast balked, but he persisted. “We’re going back. I cannot leave her.” Constance was the first lass he’d ever cared about this much…so much it hurt. She’d told him she wished to become a […]

Highland Devotion – Keira Montclair

Linet Baird pulled her mantle closer against the biting wind of the Scottish Highlands. Inverness was much colder than her home had been. She’d just come from an inn outside of the royal burgh, the place where she’d hoped to see her sister one last time. Merewen had not been there, so she’d had no […]

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