Tag: Kel Carpenter

Touched By Fire – Kel Carpenter

TRENTON MCARTHUR WAS the epitome of a fuck boy. Young, mid-twenties in appearance. More than a little cocky. Arrogant. Solid looks. A warlock of moderate status, and rich as hell. In another life, he would have been a frat boy from Florida State—had magic not become known to humankind and the entire world upended as […]

Haunted by Shadows – Kel Carpenter

THE STATİC CRACKLE in my ear was driving me fucking crazy. I shoved my gloved hands into the pockets of my new leather jacket to keep from swatting at the thing like an unwanted fly. “Whatever you’re doing over there, you need to stop. I can’t scout out for Ronan with this thing crinkling like […]

Brimstone Nightmares – Kel Carpenter

Who would have thought that Hell’s gate was inside a donut shop? Okay, not a donut shop, per se. The infamous French café was much classier than that. Still, the powdered sugar things on my plate were really deep-fried donuts if we were all being honest. While it wasn’t Martha’s, I wasn’t turning down donuts […]

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