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Empire of Night – Kelley Armstrong

In retrospect, Moria should not have pulled her dagger when she was attempting to pass through the imperial city unnoticed. In truth, the pulling of the dagger was not so much a mistake as the throwing of it. Even the throwing of it wouldn’t have been as grievous if her blade had missed its target. […]

This Fallen Prey – Kelley Armstrong

The season may have officially started two months ago, but it isn’t truly spring in Rockton until we bury our winter dead. Dalton and Anders are digging the shallow grave. I’m wandering, trying to calm Storm. As a future tracking dog, she needs to know the smell of death. I’ve read books that say cadaver […]

The Gryphon’s Lair – Kelley Armstrong

I have a way with monsters. Unfortunately, this chickcharney seems immune to it. When I was three, my dad captured a chickcharney and brought it home for me. I tried to hug it. You can’t blame me. Chickcharnies look like owls on stilts with amazing monkey tails. Adorable. Anyway, the chickcharney, shockingly, did not want […]

Thirteen – Kelley Armstrong

I have to. I’ve been fighting it all night. I’m going to lose. My battle is as futile as a woman feeling the first pangs of labor and deciding it’s an inconvenient time to give birth. Nature wins out. It always does. It’s nearly two a.m., too late for this foolishness and I need my […]

The Summoning – Kelley Armstrong

MOMMY FORGOT TO WARN the new babysitter about the basement. Chloe teetered on the top step, chubby hands reaching up to clutch both railings, her arms shaking so much she could barely hang on. Her legs shook, too, the Scooby Doo heads on her slippers bobbing. Even her breath shook, puffing like she’d been running. […]

Stolen – Kelley Armstrong

He hated the forest. Hated its eternal pockets of damp and darkness. Hated its endless tangle of trees and bushes. Hated its smell of decay-dead vegetation, dead animals, everything dying, even the living creatures incessantly pursuing their next meal, one failure away from the slow descent into death. Soon his body would be one more […]

Spell Bound – Kelley Armstrong

He watched the girl stumble from the motel office, room key glinting under the harsh lights of the parking lot. Lightning flashed, illuminating her figure. Tall and slender, barely more than a teen, too young to be out alone in a place like this, on a night like this. Thunder rumbled and crashed. The parking […]

Rituals – Kelley Armstrong

As Gabriel’s Jag tore up the country road, I stared at the house ahead. Flames blazed from every window. An ambulance sat in the driveway, lights flashing. As I saw that, I exhaled. The only witness who could set my father free was in that house, and we’d been terrified we’d finally found her only […]

Industrial Magic – Kelley Armstrong

“Got another C S I question for you,” Gloria said as Simon walked into the communication hub with an armload of papers. “If you’re not busy.” “Perfect timing,” Simon said. “I’m just about to start my coffee break.” He started pulling a chair to Gloria’s workstation, then hesitated. “Can I get you something?” Gloria smiled […]

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