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City of the Lost – Kelley Armstrong

“I killed a man,” I say to my new therapist. I’ve barely settled onto the couch … which isn’t a couch at all, but a chaise lounge that looked inviting and proved horribly uncomfortable. Like therapy itself. I’ve caught her off guard with that opening line, but I’ve been through this before with other therapists. […]

Alone in the Wild – Kelley Armstrong

I wake buried under a hundred and forty pounds of dog. Storm knows she’s not allowed on the bed, so I lie there, brain slowly churning, until I remember I’m not in bed. I’m on the ground. Cold, hard winter ground—the floor of a tent that is definitely not big enough for two adults and […]

Aftermath – Kelley Armstrong

Make the ef ort, Skye. And it does take actual effort, like answering an exam question on a subject I’ve never taken. Me: Thai. Her: Excellent! See you at 7. Maybe 7:30. Snacks in fridge! I head for the kitchen and open the fridge. It’s this massive stainless steel locker so big I have to […]

Wolf’s Curse – Kelley Armstrong

Hell hounds outside; hell house inside. What more could we ask for? Human skulls nailed to the ceiling, apparently. It’s been, oh, about twenty-four hours since my twin brother, Logan, and I showed up at a youth leadership conference for supernaturals. We’ve learned so much already . . . leading a small group of our […]

A Darkness Absolute – Kelley Armstrong

We’ve been tracking Shawn Sutherland for almost two hours when the blizzard strikes. That’s the common phrasing. A storm hits. A blizzard strikes. Like a left hook out of nowhere. Except that’s not how it usually happens. There’s always warning. The wind picks up. The sky darkens. At the very least, you sense a weight […]

A Royal Guide to Monster Slaying – Kelley Armstrong

“I KNOW YOU LOVE UNİCORNS, Rowan, but please stop staring at mine. You’re making him nervous.” I do not love unicorns, as my aunt Jannah knows. Jerks. All of them. I’m not staring at Courtois. I’m staring him down. Unfortunately, she’s wrong about the third part, too. I can’t make him nervous, no matter how […]

Empire of Night – Kelley Armstrong

In retrospect, Moria should not have pulled her dagger when she was attempting to pass through the imperial city unnoticed. In truth, the pulling of the dagger was not so much a mistake as the throwing of it. Even the throwing of it wouldn’t have been as grievous if her blade had missed its target. […]

Wherever She Goes – Kelley Armstrong

I HAVE MADE mistakes in my life. Mistakes that should loom over this one like skyscrapers. But this one feels the biggest. This one hurts the most. I lie in bed, massaging the old bullet wound in my shoulder as I try not to think of what used to happen when I woke in pain. […]

Watcher in the Woods – Kelley Armstrong

I have not seen my sister, April, in two years. Nine months ago, I called her before I fled to a hidden town in the Yukon, where people like me go to disappear. I didn’t tell her where I was going. I only said that I had to leave, and she might not hear from […]

This Fallen Prey – Kelley Armstrong

The season may have officially started two months ago, but it isn’t truly spring in Rockton until we bury our winter dead. Dalton and Anders are digging the shallow grave. I’m wandering, trying to calm Storm. As a future tracking dog, she needs to know the smell of death. I’ve read books that say cadaver […]

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