Tag: Kelli Ann Morgan

The Wrangler – Kelli Ann Morgan

Taggert Redbourne awoke with a nagging feeling in his gut. The sun had not yet peeked over the mountain tops, but he could not go back to sleep. He ripped his blanket from on top of him and bolted upright. Rather than lie in bed for another hour, warring with his thoughts to allow him […]

The Lumberjack – Kelli Ann Morgan

“Timmmberrrrr!” Eli Whittaker yelled as the nine-foot circumference Douglas Fir they’d been working to fall for the last four hours popped and crackled like a burning fire until it hurled to the forest floor with a deafening thud—the needles swishing from the rapid descent and finally crunching beneath the weight of its trunk. He wiped […]

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