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The Paris Apartment – Kelly Bowen

The woman was nude. Painted in a swirl of angry scarlets and oranges, the woman’s arms were flung over her head, her hands outstretched, her hair a cloud of midnight floating behind her. Caught in the shaft of light that fell through the open apartment door, she gazed out with dark eyes from her canvas, […]

The Lady in Red – Kelly Bowen

The forgery was flawless. Or at least Charlotte hoped it was. It would need to be to fool the man currently examining the painting. From the canvas, a young girl clutched a fan and gazed back at her with an enigmatic look far beyond her years, offering no reassurances. A bead of icy sweat slid […]

Night of the Scoundrel – Kelly Bowen

King had seen the beginning of the fight. He’d been standing too far away to keep it from starting but close enough to know how it would end. The three men who had slunk up the darkened alley had been arrogant mongrels, sure of their position as the superior predator. King knew their type—malice, avarice, […]

Last Night with the Earl – Kelly Bowen

When Lady Ophelia Volante smiled, she had a face that could start a war. Or at the very least provoke duels, enthuse poets, and empty hothouses of extravagant bouquets. A face with the sort of mysterious radiance that would have sent Rubens and Botticelli and Titian scrambling for their brushes and paints. The old masters […]

Duke of My Heart – Kelly Bowen

The silk was the color of sin. It shimmered where the candlelight danced across its surface, its rich crimson and sumptuous garnet hues swirling in the cascading lengths. The silken ribbon was wide, its superior quality was evident, and it must have been expensive, a luxury only the very wealthy could afford. On the brim […]

A Rogue by Night – Kelly Bowen

Dover, England, 1820 The bullet wound, as far as bullet wounds went, was not dreadful. The bullet had caught her patient at the top of the shoulder, punching a messy hole in flesh and muscle, but not shattering bone. The icy cold of the sea had slowed the bleeding and the fact that he had […]

A Good Rogue Is Hard to Find – Kelly Bowen

London, England, June 1817 William Somerhall, Duke of Worth, glared at the clock on the mantel. It was a terrifically horrid piece, cast in some sort of heavy metal that he supposed was meant to look like bronze. Robust chickens pranced their way across the top of it, spindly legs interspersed with leafy vines that […]

A Duke to Remember – Kelly Bowen

Miriam Ellery, Dowager Duchess of Ashland, had her ankles chained to her bed. It was for her own protection, the steward at Bedlam said. The chains prevented her from wandering too far, and possibly killing herself or another patient. Aye, she might not look dangerous, he warned, but you could never really tell when a […]

A Duke in the Night – Kelly Bowen

He had danced with her on a dare. Childish, certainly. Boorish, most definitely. But it was easier to critique such behaviors when one was no longer in the throes of obnoxious youth, surrounded by arrogant acquaintances who snickered and leered and sought entertainment at the expense of others. And to this day, August Faulkner, the […]

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